Ads1K - Simple & Powerful Ads Network for delivering PopUp / PopUnder Creative Ads

Ads Network Website for Sale

Owning this ads network (Pop-Under & Overlay & Direct Link) called Ads1K

Ads1K Website for Sale (Description)

A standalone ads exchange network that provides solutions for advertisers to buy traffic and for publishers to generate revenue by ads delivery methods. On one hand it is a straight ads platform that helps advertisers enhance their reach and create highly effective, targeted campaigns on global traffic sources. And on the other it allows publishers to enjoy the simplicity of generating revenue by placing codes on their site in order to deliver impressions via popunder or overlay or to re-direct links.

Being a custom made script Ads1K runs flawlessly without any errors, able to hold up to 10MM impressions daily. The site's engine runs out of the box as it is without the need of any extra setups and without an SQL database.

The new owner will take over on everything that is online now under the name Ads1K network, which covers : admin area, publishers area, progenitors area.

Price for the Full Ads1K Network

For owning the Ads1K network a one time payment of $5000 is required.
Upon paiment there will be period of a maximum 3 days during which the new owner will receive all accounts related to this website Ads1K as well as other external web accounts used (such as WP, Facebook etc).
Interested parties could use the contact page to get in touch with a representative from Ads1K.

Things to be delivered with the sale of Ads1K

- the domain name
- the actual ads engine network ( online now at ) able to handle ads via popunder, overlay and redirect
- all existing publishers and advertisers accounts
- the hosting server account at LiquidWeb ($150 monthly fee)
- the design source files for the looks as the site is right now
- the WordPress plugin for delivering popunders and redirects
- exernal web accounts for WordPress and Facebook and Skype

Publishers Panels Unique Features on Ads1K

Fast Panels Creation

Single click AccountLess Panel creation leading to instant website monetization

Live Stats 24/7 Reports

Live traffic monitoring system for quick reports and delivery overview

Multiple Traffic Delivery Tools

PopUnder and Overlay by ways of : Direct Link, Js Code, HtAccess, WordPress Plugin

Fast Proxy Detection Filters

Ability to stop the bad bot traffic by proxy filtration and detection mechanisms

Useless ASN Instant Removal

On the go IPs removal of useless ASN ranges used by traffic automation tools

OverAll uniques IPs Detection

Continuous automated panels monitorization for detecting window reloadings activities

Advertisers Panels Current Features on Ads1K

Easy Panels Creation

Quick and Easy Panel creation leading to instant campaigns and live landing pages

GEO, OS and UA Targeting

Single page sytem to instantly customize the landing page targeting by GEO, OS and UA

On/Off switch on all campaigns

Independent On/Off switch for each campaign making it all ready to go live when needed