Ads1K is a Simple & Powerful Network for delivering PopUp / PopUnder Creative Ads

Creating Your Own PopUnder Network

Using the Ads1K WhiteLabel engine to power your own pop-under ads network

Ads1K White Label Solution

This platform will enable one to launch a separate private branding popunder Ad Network in no time with the ability of running some customized settings at will.
The process of branding and running the network does not require any programming or web development skills, except a keen eye on ways of having a proffit from owning such an ads network.

The owner will benefit from having an exact clone of the Ads1K ads network, which covers : admin area, publishers, progenitors area.

WhiteLabel Engine Price / Provisions / Requirements

What is required for owning the Ads1K whiteLabel :
• one domain name that will redirect towards the actual external server setup
• $1000 one time fee to cover for the actual franchise and setup
• $250 per month to cover for the server, special setup to hold 10MM hits / day
• no traffic fees, platform running costs, or any other hidden fees

What is provided from Ads1K after payment :
• the full pop-under engine installed on dedicated server
• access to all the existing features, allowing the possibility of running the network as pleased
• training support for a full week (8h/day), if needed
• help on changing the front-end looks, if needed
• six month free engine updates

What can not be done with the whiteLabel :
• there will be no access to the server holding the actual network
• there can not be made any changes except for the general network updates
• any modification will be made by the admin alone via email requirements from the owner's side
• there will be no modules that could be added or deleted, nor external scripts
• the whitelabel can not be re-sold

Full Ads1K Engine PopUnder Ads Network Price

What is required for owning the Ads1K engine :
• $10000 one time fee for the actual engine itself

What is provided from Ads1K after payment :
• one single *.zip archive containg the php script, which will be send via email

What can not be done with the whiteLabel :
• no restrictions are imposed, free to do whatever