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Ads1K ADVERTISERS´ Network for delivering PopUp / PopUnder Ads

Ads1K traffic will bring in benefits as: a steady flow of targeted visitors, customers, and rankings improvement, which will finally lead to web success as a site owner. All generated traffic behaves by opening the subscribed url as a full page pop-under or as on page pop-up, also giving the ability to choose between the two methods.

Pop-Up and Pop-Under methods are similar in the way they open the landing site, but the two differ at the users´ level of perceived intrusiveness, one being fired over the page in the same tab while the other triggers it´s own tab or window.

Below are several easy and detailed steps to be taken in order to drive any amount of traffic to any website via Ads1K Pop-Up / Pop-Under Network, to effortlessly push the targeted site to a hot viral state in a minimum time.

No.1 Registering as Advertiser
Registering as Advertiser at Ads1K

To start fresh as an advertiser please use the right side menu to "Register as New Advertiser", and after completing the form, in which all the fields are required, a confirmation email will be sent to the specified address. Once this is done the advertiser registration is considered completed and the advertiser panel is ready to be used.

No.2 Logged as Advertiser, after panel creation
Login as Advertiser

From the moment of receiving the email confirmation, and also using the right side menu "LogIn as Existing Advertiser" one should already be able to get into the advertiser panel area. At that time a message welcomes the new user pointing to some primary tasks after which lead fresh traffic ready for usage in a matter of minutes.

No.3 Creating a new Advertising Campaign
Creating Advertising Campaign

At this level the most important setting are the GEO targeting where one is allowed to target, from a list of countries, the ones of interest from which the traffic will be received. Also a double check on the actual landing page url would not hurt, before hitting the "Save Campaign" button.

No.4 Credit the Wallet's Panel
Credit Advertising Campaign

Crediting funds to the new advertising panel is one of the most important steps. The minimum accepted transfer would be $25 and could be done quickly by having a running PayPal account or without any account by Credit Card trasfer also via PayPal. Depositing funds into account is a wise decision when having multiple campaigns at once.

No.5 Going Live with the Existing Campaigns
Depositing Advertising Funds

Once the campaigns have been created and the wallet's panel has been funded all that is required would be to run the campaigns live, which could be done by using the switch "pause/resume" found near each of the created campaigns. Also at any time it is just as easy to take offline any of the campaigns from the same "ON/OFF" switch.