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Earn Money from an easy and fast way of a great traffic monetization for any website

Ads1K PUBLISHERS´ Network for earning from PopUp / PopUnder Ads

With Ads1K is no big deal to monetize an entire website inventory, or to get 100% profit for all sold inventory. Every traffic impression a website makes when running Ads1K code turns into profit. At Ads1K by using multiple codes to cover all platforms and situations the publisher is enabled to sell pop ads on an unparalleled scale.

Ads1K is paying now for pop-up and pop-under traffic in any amount, simply by placing the publisher's generated code script into a webpage. Being open to large traffic volumes, any webmaster interested in ways of website monetization is welcome, regardless of daily visitors amount.

Selling website traffic is a way of making yourself known in the online industry and second it is a source of gaining revenue. The effective method of selling the traffic without annoying the users with popups is by utilizing popunders, both being paid about the same amount.

No.1 Registering as Publisher
Registering as Publisher at Ads1K

To start fresh as an publisher please use the right side menu to "Register as New Publisher", and after completing the one row form, in which only a valid PayPal email is required, a confirmation email will be sent to the specified address. Once the email is received the publisher registration is considered completed and the publisher account-less panel is ready to be used.

No.2 Logged as Publisher, after panel creation
Login as Publisher

From the moment of receiving the publisher's email, one should already be able to get into the publishers area. From this point on, options are endless, and the traffic monetization ability might be ready in minutes without any site or link approval. At that time a message welcomes the new user pointing to some primary rules.

No.3 Pushing Traffic & Earning Money
Submit Site Info

The pushed traffic by one of the provided codes will show up on on the daily counters, and is converted into earnings from the very first second. There are various filters that are able to trim out the bad impressions from the genuine ones, which will be shown on the "quality bar" or on penalties. Proxy and page reloading impressions are not welcome on this network.

No.4 Checking the Daily Detailed Stats
Filling Relevant Keywords

Pressing the "+" sign near the daily summary stats opens the detailed stats on which is show the actual GEO distribution of the delivered impressions as well as details about the caught proxy and penalties if they exists. Also there are downloadable reports for the current day to help on tracking down the things that went wrong.

No.5 Cashing Out the Monetization Earnings
Pop Under vs Pop Up

Every publisher is entitled to cash out the earning amount when the value is above $10. Bonuses are added to the final amount based on the traffic quality. There are daily payments made to all publishers but to speed up the process an email could be send requesting the payment (pls. check out the Notes area on the bottom).